Made With Love

Since we were just on the topic of nutrition a few days ago, I thought I would share an interesting true story with you from our ER. It is among the many reasons that I usually prefer to cook my own food.

As it turns out, a patient’s daughter brought some cupcakes to the hospital once as a way to say thanks to the staff for having cared for one of her loved ones. She was so very appreciative of their heroic efforts and decided to cook them an ever so special recipe. As everyone was digging in and fully enjoying their treats, someone remarked, “these are soooo good. And moist! What’s your secret?”

Before I get to the secret ingredient though, let me impart some wisdom that was taught to me. One of my teachers once told me that in ancient times, scholars used to say that 90% of ignorance is bliss. In other words, getting all the details usually ruins most of life’s pleasures. Most of the time, it is just best to enjoy what you have and not ask too many questions.

So, back to the secret ingredient … the patient’s daughter was so visibly happy with all of the complements and beamed out proudly, “I used my own breast milk!” Needless to say, we now only accept packaged food products.

On a similar note, hope you find this little video from failblog. org as fun and “interesting” as I did:

9 Responses to Made With Love

  1. TUNDE says:

    lol great article and the video goes with it well. golden rule, you never know what you get , and sometimes it is the best…. just don’t eat it.

  2. Pink says:

    Haha. Reminds me of my daughter. She’s always calling me the “bubble burster/burstor?” because I factoid everything.

  3. Sabra says:

    Yeah, you know, my breast milk is for my kids. Not random hospital people. No offense. Human milk has a different composition (and flavor) than cow’s milk; IMO it’s no more a valid substitution in most recipes than is goat’s milk.

  4. mrred says:

    Love this blog I’ll be back when I have more time.

  5. angrynurse says:

    Old rule of mine never eat any food left as a thank you from a patient or family. Thanks for one more example of why I have that rule.

  6. Chad says:

    I posted a link to this on a blog post by a mom who was wondering what to do with some frozen breast milk now that her kids are too old. (

    Apparently she doesn’t have a sense of humor because the comment was deleted.

  7. cyrell says:

    If she did not have an illness which could be spread through her with salmonella, tuberculosis and such things with cow milk, than you had..

    ..just milk!
    Cow milk is breast milk..from a different species.

    It is especially hypocritical if you drink animal milk..and then you go all green because you drink some other animals milk…yeah humans are mamaels…just like cows and goats.

    Cows are milked, she was milked, cows milk is cooked, her milk was cooked.

    What is different is, that human breast milk is made to be eaten by humans…cow milk is not.

    So if you do not feel the same shudder thinking about cow boobs and cow boob juice than you are a most people are.

    So why not drink cat milk, elephant milk?

    But nooo…human milk made for humans because humans are one big species, even when some humans think otherwise…is a big no go.

    You think you were weaned when your mommy stopped breast feeding you..but are still hanging on a tit.
    Except that this tit is milked by someone else and the breast milk is packaged neatly and you are not drinking it through a sucker.

    No offense to you, but maybe you should think about that and redo your way of thinking.

    Not that I would have eaten her backery..I am weaned, I do not do milk, weather my species or an other one.

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