Drug Seeking Personalities: Don’t Be Like These People

I recently did a quick search on the narcotic pain medicine Percocet to see what people are saying on the internet. I was hoping that I might be able to give those inexperienced with ER drug seeking personalities a glimpse into precisely the type of people we despise. While we train for years to prepare ourselves to handle emergencies in the most expedient and proficient way, and while we stay up for long hours tending to the medical problems of many – there is another element in society that saps our trust and faith in humanity; the drug seeker. If I had wanted to be a drug dealer, I wouldn’t have spent so much time studying and so much money in training. I am not here to get you high.

Yet, for those who have not spent time dealing with this element of society, our comments and attitude may seem harsh and even inhumane at times. We reserve humanity for the first ten times we deal with these people, and then it pretty much drops off a cliff afterwords. So what exactly are these people like you may wonder? I will allow them to tell you in their own words as recorded by their own hands in comments all over the glorious world wide web. And please try to remember one thing as your read these comments – while you and your sick child wait patiently in the waiting room, or while you try to take your mind off the horrific pain in your broken wrist, or to control the bleeding from your cut – we sometimes are spending way too much time trying to get one of the losers out of our ER.

Just a few Percocet comments:

“on average i take about 20 to 25 and on a bad day 30… i know its gonna catch up to me i dont give a f@#$ though…….im gonna go overdose.. peace!”

[Comment: Just for perspective, the prescription dose is 1-2 tablets every 6-8 hours or maximum 8 per day]

“Percs are like a hug from Baby Jesus….<3”

“i stole my moms perks i was on them for a month straight. snort snort snort..”

“percs/vics/oxy/ is my drug of choice as well…..i know what ya mean by getting you through the work day….”

“Does it really make a differnce to crush percocet and snort it?”

[Comment only if you want to die faster. Stupid idea that puts a lot of people in the hospital and several others in the morgue.]

“im havin fun with my percs :D”

“I gotta say, percocet does rock. Nothing better to take the edge off a hard day of construction work.”

[Comment: And we wonder why it takes roads so long to get finished. Hmmm, let me get stoned and go drive a bulldozer.]

And lastly, I would like those who may be interested to check out this video for even more perspective. I personally am not one to listen to foul language or use it myself, but I guess on this subject it’s all part of the package. The first 60 seconds is what deals with the drug usage and I didn’t care to listen to the rest and don’t recommend you to either. If someone knows how I can cut out the portion I want, please let me know.

Watch with caution:

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6 Responses to Drug Seeking Personalities: Don’t Be Like These People

  1. Sapphire says:

    What a stupid video. You can see that guy has been popping too many perks as he calls them. I think I would rather go around miserable all day long then pop pain killers like candy and become stupid like that.

  2. Heather RN says:

    Interesting indeed. Although, there are times when we think the person is drug seeker and he or she is not. It really takes and experienced medical professional to spot the individual who is not worthy.
    I had a very sad case a few years back. This women , who was a nurse as well, kept coming in for very bad headaches. They gave her medicine she felt better and let her go. She came in 3 sometimes 4 times a month. Consequently she was labeled as a drug seeker. That one day when her son brought her in we even gave her a lecture about drug seeking, which brought her to tears. we let her go , but told her go seek help. Her response was “I am trying to seek help, please help my headache”. One hour later the ambulance brought her back dead on arrival. She had suffered a massive bleed in her brain. So yes since than i am a little hesitant when i label anyone as a drug seeker. It is proven that there are times we jump into conclusion quickly.

    The video you had provided to this blog is purely evil and disgusting. yes he is a drug seeker and he is not hiding it.

    By the way nice blog, i might just come back again

  3. Cathryn says:

    What a messed up guy you are. I am not fat, but if I were, a guy who looks and acts like you wouldn’t even be on my radar screen. Grow up. And while you’re at it, think of the millions of girls beating themselves up daily because they don’t conform to our standard of beauty. It takes balls to riff like you have on this subject. I can only guess your own cojones are pretty damn lonely.

    • ER Doc says:

      Cathryn – I think you must have went straight for the video and not read anything that I wrote. You are directing your vengeance against me although I had put this video into the post to show what you should NOT be like. Please read the post before you comment.

  4. […] Drug Seeking Personalities – Don’t Be Like These People […]

  5. Jamest Lasie says:

    Your comment about something, i suggest too be it more long as possible.

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