I’m Feeling a Little Anxious

A rare thing happened in my ER last week when two major traumas were brought in after what appears to have been a drug deal gone bad. I was not working when they came in, but got involved two days later when the prime attacker came into the ER for “anxiety and trouble sleeping“.

J tells me when I walk into the room, “You probably heard about what happened earlier this week right?” I had certainly heard bits and pieces from some of the nurses but never got the whole story so I told him I wasn’t sure what he meant. So he gave me his version.

Well, I was gettin together with some of my friends who were buyin some cocaine and other stuff from me when they started arguin with me and for no reason at all grabbed me and started poundin my head against the pavement. [perps always seem to be violent for no apparent reason at all don’t they?] And then they pulled a shotgun and a knife on me. I tried to calm ’em down but they were real angry [coke heads angry? nah, I don’t believe you!] so I pulled out my knife and we scuffled and they ended up comin here to the ER and were flown out …”

What I knew had happened was that two people had come code three by two EMS units with “their intestines hanging out” from knife stab and cut wounds. They were stabilized rapidly and moved on via helicopter to the nearest trauma centers. The attacker, the one who was my patient presently, was unhurt and arrested. He had gone directly to jail but apparently was released on bail somehow so he could come and visit me. Police had searched his house and taken all of his drugs – an assortment of meth, cocaine, benzodiazepines, narcs and other drugs as well as weapons.  That left him in the precarious position of being unable to get high.

So I told him, “Sounds like you’re pretty skilled with a knife from what you’re saying.” He replied, Not really, it was all in self defense” [its always self defense isn’t it?]. So he continues, “I just need something to help me sleep and to calm me down.”

I could understand. The guy was facing some serious jail time for attempted murder x 2, drug dealing, weapons charges and probably some other bad stuff – he couldn’t get high off of his supply and neither could his wife, who was apparently outside raising hell in the waiting room because she too was “anxious”.

And then his mom, who looked like she belonged in WWF, shows up. I guess you could say that he had some reasons to be anxious.

I didn’t buy into writing him any more drugs though and gave him a shot of Geodon to get him the hell away from our hospital. He may be anxious, but as they say, “you make the bed, you sleep in it.” I doubt he’ll be getting anything in jail to calm his nerves so might as well start getting use to it now right?

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6 Responses to I’m Feeling a Little Anxious

  1. Dr. Grumpy says:

    Good job. Let him deal with Momma and take some Benedryl

  2. Nurse K says:

    “The cops confiscated all my drugs, so I need some more.” Um. Sure, pal, whatever.

    Dumbass should have come to my ER with that request. He’d have gotten whatever he wanted. Don’t want any complaint letters from those being held on felony charges or anything.

  3. Tunde says:

    We had to attend a special seminar, by administration request b/c they got a complaint from the jail, that the ER staff did not accommodate a drug dealer who was a user as well.Wasted a day, and lots of money b/c they had to pay PD nurses to cover our ER, so we can learn how to accommodate the crooks.

  4. Jude says:

    Good call ER Doc. This article just confirmed that I made the right choice not to be an Er doc.Don’t do well with druggies.

  5. dairy farmer says:

    Hey there…an interesting development to the story they were arrested again last night for stealing oxycodone…too funny!

    • ER Doc says:

      I’m sure they’ll make bail again though. They’ll probably blame the cops for taking away their “medical prescriptions” driving them to an uncontrolled stealing frenzy. Or they could just see the obvious; so much for wishful thinking. He’ll probably be waiting for me when i get back to work lol

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