Hookin’ Up at Work (How to Get Fired)

office romance

I know I haven’t been updating the site recently, and I’m very sorry for that. I have a growing list of posts in my head, but I have been working too hard to get them down. Usually I don’t like to work this much, but I have had to pull several extra shifts because one of our docs got fired. Docs don’t get fired too much these days due to the whole supply-demand thing, but every now and again, some idiot takes it too far and becomes a statistic. This is his story.

Dr. Dumass, as I would like to call him, had a good thing going. Cush hospital, good position, great co-workers, and even a nice office. But apparently for Dr. Dumass, the nursing staff was a little too nice for him. Dr. Dumass was actually working on marriage #4 (I am not making this up) when he met Nurse S. Not only was this his fourth wife, but he had a litter of kids spread out all over the country from the last three. To quote Brad Pitt from Fight Club, “F$%#@* was setting up franchises“.

Nurse S was cute, pretty and they hit it off as friends from the start. She was having problems in her marriage and enjoyed talking to Dumass about her marital conflicts. He in turn would share with her his own marital problems with wives 1-4. They got closer and closer. 

Finally Dumass made a great suggestion, “Why not get divorced from our current spouses and get married to each other!”  I can only imagine that Nurse S was married to a drug addicted, alcoholic bridge troll with anger management issues, because I am not sure what exactly would be the attraction to a guy who has already blown through 4 wives and 10+ kids? Maybe she thought that she would be “the one“. Silly wabbit.

Things were moving along smoothly for our confused couple and they could hardly stay away from each other while at work. Either our darling little nurse would be in the docs documentation area or Dumass would be out at her nursing station whispering sweet nothings into her stethoscope. Just some advice for any of you readers involved in a similar relationship – you may think that no one notices, but in reality, everybody notices. Even the blind frequent flier behind curtain #2 knows about it because he overhears the gossip.

Before long, Dumass had already filed divorce papers and was waiting for wife #5 to-be to do the same, but that’s when trouble in ER paradise started. Nurse S comes in to work one morning and tells Dumass the hard news – she was having second thoughts. Suddenly, Dumass starts to have chest pain – you know the kind you get when you really want someone to feel sorry for you and give you that big hug you want so much and tell you everything’s going to be alright. But instead of calling in a replacement, Dumass decides to work himself up.

He goes and gets an EKG and Troponin heart enzyme done on himself. “Hmmm, looks like there might be some changes on this here EKG“, he says to himself. So he calls up the trusty cardiologist who tells him that he should get a stat echo. The echo ends up showing some wall abnormalities and is not conclusive (imagine that?). So the cardiologist tells him to high-tail it over to the cath lab. That’s when the proverbial crapola hits the fan.

Dumass tells Nurse S that he needs to get cathed … that indeed this might be their last moments together. The sappy soap opera romance is too much for her and she tells the charge nurse that she needs to clock out and take her dying beloved Dumass to the cath lab. There is no ER doc now and the chief of staff – a pathologist (autopsy doctor) – is called in to cover the ER. Must have been interesting for him to have his patients actually talk back to him.

At the end of it all, Dumass’s heart was perfectly fine – no blockages of any concern whatsoever. But folks over at admin weren’t exactly ready to throw the welcome back party for him. Instead they fired him for his Dumass behavior. He had taken this too far, and he put patient lives at risk. I actually thought he deserved an award for entertaining the hell out of the rest of us in the ER though, but decided I would keep that idea out of the suggestion box for now.

What lesson can we take from this story? I will quote a wonderful colleague of mine who once told me, “A doctor can be totally incompetent, but as long as patients like him, he will remain employed. But the moment he has sex with the wrong person or comes to work drunk or stoned, he’ll be fired in a heart-beat.” I guess Dr. Dumass can testify to this one.

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10 Responses to Hookin’ Up at Work (How to Get Fired)

  1. Sapphire says:

    Wow! I thought things like that only happened on TV between doctors and nurses.

  2. maha says:

    Wow! This post was worth the wait – very entertaining! And agreed with Sapphire – thought it only happened on TV. We have a husband/wife pair AND a brother/sister pair of docs on our staff. As far as I can tell they’re VERY professional. No personal drama is ever brought up except who’s getting food/picking up the kids.

  3. Nurse K says:

    The ER doc/nursing aide combo: Hi, let’s stop goofing around in the break room and see some patients!!!!

  4. Tunde says:

    That is what i said before, commenting on one of your past post, it does happen, and very often indeed. No surprise here, seen it and heard it. Another soap opera in ER, this one had the final episode and another one starting soon….stay tune.

  5. fx15 lida yılan says:

    Thank you very much for this information.
    Good post thanks for sharing.

  6. PA says:

    Funny post…Sad but funny….I kept imagining how to pronounce the last name…maybe french….Doomass. 🙂 In any working arena( ER, banks, schools) opposite sex relationships need to be kept in check especially if they are married. That whole part makes me sick to my stomach.

    Thanks for the posts.

  7. Marco says:

    Then there were these two doctors at the same clinic (both married with kids) who would sneak away to her SUV in the parking lot and screw…(((sigh))), common sense just can’t be taught.


  8. Sonic says:

    I can’t stop laughing. It is so funny that they have a pathologist covering. Hahhaaa. Having his patients talking back must be very interesting.

  9. ee says:

    It sounds like ER has more fun than the regular floor. I have to agree on the subject of gossip. It does not matter the size of the hospital, the secrete romance gossip always spreads like fire. What else does people do when the floor is slow? ^0^

  10. Flash says:


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