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  1. Kathie T. says:

    Just wanted you to know how much I am enjoying the blog. We surely do have some “interesting” times in the ER.

    You surely are missed here in ______. There is rarely a week that goes by that someone doesn’t say how much we wish you were still with us. It was so refreshing to work with a doctor with such amazing clinical skills, abundant compassion, and so little ego. We always felt that we were a team when you worked with us and you never failed to express your appreciation for anything and everything we did. How refreshing!

    Hope all is well with you and your family.


    • ER Doc says:

      Thank you Kathie for your wonderful and flattering comment. It was a great time working together and I know I benefited so much from our days together there. You are a fantastic group of people – as friends and as nurses – and I am a better person and doctor for having been able to work with you all. Thanks for reading and I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed it! 🙂

  2. Kathie T. says:

    OK my friend, time to get your BLOG ON! I’ve really missed seeing new posts!

    Hope you and your family are well. I truly miss your warmth, wit and wisdom in our ER.

  3. PJ says:

    Hi ER Doc
    I am the Mom of a six year old that has been battling Sydenham’s Chorea/Rheumatic Fever since last March. I took her to the doctor last January for a persistant cough and was told it was a virus. Her cough stopped and it is now October and she has missed about four months of school. She has had two ER visits. I think your article about the Soccer Mom doesn’t include the Sydenham’s Chorea Mom. I am the other side of not writing antibiotics. My husband and I could get antibiotics but doctors woudn’t give my kids antibiotics when they were sick. So this strep has gotten stronger and stronger in my house. Today my husband has strep again. I have had it three times since Sept. My son has had it twice. We have more Clorox products than Clorox. And I have drawers of toothbrushes that I change biweekly now. Be careful about not wriiting antibiotics.

    The Rheumatic Fever/Sydenham’s Chorea Mom has done some research to help my little girl:

    KIds are exposed to strep 10 times per year.
    Rheumatic Fever was the number one killer for people under the age of 30 before 1960.
    There is a risk to heart damage and joint damage.
    1 to 5 out of 100 people are at risk for Rheumatic Fever from untreated strep.
    Strep can cause flesh eating bacteria, ear infections, sinus infections, skin infections icluding impetigo and cellulitus.
    PANDAS is on the rise.

    I am working to change laws about strep so that it is taken more seriously.

    I have lived it and sadly my little girl has lived it first hand. She still has a traveling rash.

    She is being seen by an allergist, neurologist, dermatologist, pediatrician, infection control specialist.

    She will be on antibiotics the rest of her life unless science figures something else out to help her and other like her.

    It would have been so much eaiser if the doctor we saw in January would have treated her like his own child and offered a strep test instead of sending us on our way with a guessed diagnosis of a virus.

  4. Keasha Barnes says:

    I am a teacher in Texas and I have a student who wants to use the poem “Daddy It Hurts” for a poetry interpretation contest. We have to be able to prove that the poem has been published. I was wondering if you knew whether or not it had been published in a hard copy form (book, magazine, newspaper, etc)?

    Thanks so much for your help.

    Keasha Barnes
    Sabine ISD

  5. Lex says:


    Your blog is refreshing and ‘healing’ to others who suffer working in the trenches (Emerg) of thinking of leaving the profession all together, after a compilation of bad shifts/days or patients like you described.

    I am an ER Nurse. I love Emerg. I love nursing, but definitely hate , the other stuff that does gets under our skin:the drunks, seekers, abuser (physical/verbal) from patients and family and the admin catering to the customer service model.

    Not to mention, daily doses of working short, making due with no staff or equipment and be told to give the best care at the highest standard with threats.

    I wonder where patients would be when nurses & doctors get fed up move away from Emerg and take 10 or 20 yrs of experience with them.

    Thank you

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